Block 113/22a

Serica 20%, Centrica 45%, Zennor North Sea Limited 35% (operator)
Block 113/22a

Block 113/22a

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In December 2013, Serica was awarded a 35% operated interest in Block 113/22a (Licence P2124), as part of the UK 27th Offshore Licensing Round. Work commitments include obtaining 150 kilometres of 2D seismic data.

The block is adjacent to Block 113/27c in which Serica had identified the Doyle prospect, a fault and dip closed structure at Triassic Sandstone level which mapping showed extended into Block 113/22a. Serica had a 20% interest in Block 113/27c in partnership with Zennor Petroleum who required a partner to share in their 80% interest. Zennor were unable to secure a partner prior to the licence termination date of 30 April 2017 and no extension has been granted by the OGA. As a result Block 113/27c was relinquished at the end of April 2017