Blocks 113/26b & 113/27c Doyle Prospect
Seismic Sections & Highlights

Serica 20%, Zennor North Sea Limited 80% (operator)

113-26b seismic

Doyle Prospect West-East Seismic section

113-26b seismic

Doyle Prospect 3D depth perspective on Top Ormskirk sandstone reservoir, with amplitude overlay


Block 113/26b

The Doyle Prospect, lying in the north of block 113/27c is a significant fault and dip closed structure located on trend with the giant North Morecambe and South Morecambe gas fields and the Rhyl field. The reservoir comprises high-quality Triassic Sherwood Sandstone, which is a proven and effective reservoir within the target basin. The prospect extends northwards into block 113/22a. A site survey has been completed over Doyle and partners are working towards making a decision to drill.