BLOCK 22/19c
GeoSeismic Sections & Highlights

Serica 15%, ENI 40% (Operator), JX Nippon 25%, Mitsui 20%

22-19c seismic

Rowallan West-East Geoseismic Section

Block Map


The Rowallan Prospect is located in the east of Block 22/19c, and comprises a significant structural fault and dip-closed trap analogous to the large Culzean field development located 20kms to the SSE. Rowallan has approximately 220mmboe gross (P50) resource, with Serica’s net Rowallan resource 20 to 60mmboe (P50 and P10 respectively). The reservoir comprises high-quality sandstones at both Middle Jurassic and Triassic levels, which are optimally situated for hydrocarbon charge from the direction of the nearby Monan and Mungo oil fields.  

In the event of success, there is upside in the nearby Dundonald and Sundrum prospects, which are geologically similar to Rowallan.