Boyne geoseismic

Boyne Prospect Geoseismic Section

FEL-106 seismic

Depth map on top Lower Jurassic reservoir


Licence FEL 1/06, Boyne, Achill and Liffey Prospects


oil well Oil well

dry hole with oil shows Dry hole with oil shows

The key assets in Licence FEL 1/06 are the Boyne Prospect and the Bandon oil discovery. The 27/4-1,1z Bandon well, drilled by Serica in 2009, encountered a 38 m gross oil column in high quality Jurassic reservoir sandstones. The well proved that an effective hydrocarbon system exists within the Slyne Basin. The Boyne Prospect is a significant fault and dip closed structure located down dip from the Bandon discovery, with reservoir potential at both Jurassic and Triassic levels. The Boyne Prospect is ready to drill. Additional upside potential is present within the Liffey and Achill prospects, Bandon South and Boyne South leads.