Licence FEL 1/06, Boyne, Achill & Liffey Prospects Farm-in Opportunity

Serica 100%

There are two significant drill-ready prospects on FEL 1/06, the Boyne and the Liffey Prospects. The Achill prospect is fully interpreted. The prospects are located in the Slyne Basin, Offshore Ireland, 42 kms south of the Corrib gas field in water depth of 180 to 280m.

  • Serica’s interest 100%
  • The Bandon oil discovery 27/4-1,1z (Serica 2009) proved a new play:
  • Lower Jurassic Sandstone reservoirs and Lower Jurassic oil source.
  • Additional reservoir potential at Triassic Sherwood Sandstone levels
  • Depth to top reservoir ~ 1,700 to 2,300 mSS
  • Total on block prospect resources 42 to 1,000 mmboe (P90 to P10)
  • This is a high value farm-in opportunity with moderate risk and significant upside. Serica is looking for a partner to invest in an exploration well to drill the Boyne Prospect in return for significant equity in the Licence.

For further details, please contact Clara Altobell:

44 (0) 207 487 7300


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Atlantic Ireland Conference Presentation, October 2015