Licence FEL 1/09, Muckish and Muckish East Prospects Seismic Section and Highlights

Serica 100% (OPERATOR)

FEL-109 seismic

Muckish Prospect West-East seismic section

FEL-109 seismic

Muckish Prospect 3D perspective on base Cretaceous, looking SSW


Licence FEL 1/09, Muckish & Muckish East Prospects


gas well Gas well

oil and gas well Dry hole

The key asset in Licence FEL 1/09 is the Muckish prospect, a large titled fault block structure with over 30 sq.km areal closure and over 600m of vertical relief. It is analogous to the nearby Dooish discovery, which contained a 214m gross gas-condensate column within excellent quality Permian and Jurassic aged reservoir sandstones. The Muckish Prospect is ready to drill and Serica is seeking farm-in partners.  Additional upside potential is present within the Muckish East and Mackoght Prospects.  There is further upside within Licence FEL 4/13 to the southwest of FEL 1/09 which contains the Aghla More and Aghla Beg prospects and the Derryveagh turbidite fan.