Ireland - Rockall Basin

Licence FEL 1/09 farm-in opportunity

The Muckish Prospect is a large tilted fault block analogous to Dooish, located in the Rockall Basin, Offshore Ireland, 30 kms north of the Dooish discovery.  Recent in-house analysis of the extensive seismic database has also indicated the presence of turbidite fans, a play type not previously considered.

  • Serica’s interest 100%
  • Water depth 1,450m
  • Depth to top reservoir ~4,000mSS
  • 31 km2 areal closure and over 600m of vertical closure full-to-spill
  • P50 recoverable reserves 1,285 bcf and 85 mmbls condensate
  • Geological chance of success 20%
  • Follow up prospects: Muckish East & Mackoght
  • Follow up acreage: FEL 4/13 (Aghla More, Derryveagh and Aghla Beg Prospects)
  • All structural prospects have similar pre-rift seismic character indicative of layered sedimentary section

This is a high value farm-in opportunity with significant upside. Serica is looking for partner to carry it through the next phase of exploration by drilling an exploration well on the Muckish Prospect.

For further details of all farm-in opportunities, please contact Clara Altobell

44 (0) 207 487 7300

Atlantic Ireland Conference Presentation, October 2015

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