Block 23/16f and 23/21a (part) Columbus
Seismic Sections & Highlights

Serica 50% (operator), Endeavour 25%, EOG 25%

23-16f seismic

Columbus seismic and geoseismic sections

23-16f seismic

Depth map on Top Forties sandstone reservoir with far offset amplitude inversion overlay


gas condensate shows Gas condensate wells

Columbus Block Map


Columbus was discovered by the Serica-operated 23/16f-11 well in 2006. The producing reservoir is the Palaeocene Forties Sandstone Formation, with the hydrocarbons being trapped by a stratigraphic pinch-out. Serica has mapped the extent of the hydrocarbon accumulation using amplitude analysis of 3D seismic data. The field has now been delineated by a further three appraisal wells.

Independent consultant Netherland, Sewell & Associates, Inc (“NSAI”) carried out a reserves audit on the Columbus field for the end of 2015 based on single well development. This report estimated that the gross Proved plus Probable Contingent Resources of the field are 53.0 bcf of gas and 3.7 mmbbl of liquids, a total of 12.5 mmboe. The Company’s share of proved and probable contingent resources in the field is estimated to be 26.5 bcf of sales gas and 1.8 mmbbl of liquids, a net 6.2 mmboe to Serica.