Block Sidi Moussa Prospects
Seismic Section and Highlights

Serica 5%, Genel (Operator) 60%, San Leon 10%, ONHYM 25%

Sidi-Moussa seismic

Sidi-Moussa seismic

Cretaceous Upside Perspective View

Sidi Moussa

The Sidi Moussa Licence contains a diverse range of play types and trapping styles, including large fault and dip closed structures along the continental shelf margin, and stratigraphic pinch-outs within turbidite slope channel to fan complexes in deeper basinal areas. Key reservoir targets range from Jurassic shallow marine carbonates to Lower Cretaceous turbidite sandstones. The SM-1 well, drilled in 3Q 2014 to evaluate the Nour Prospect, encountered oil in fractured and brecciated cavernous Upper Jurassic carbonates, thereby proving an active, oil-prone hydrocarbon system on-block..