A transformational deal

Rhum, Bruce and Keith

Serica Energy, a London AIM-listed international exploration & production (E&P) company, has bought the Bruce, Keith and Rhum (BKR) assets in the North Sea from BP and additional interests in the Bruce and Keith (BK) assets from Total E&P, BHP and Marubeni. Serica has acquired:

  • 50% interest in Rhum (with the other 50% held by IOC)
  • 98% interest in Bruce (1% is retained by BP and 1% by Total E&P)
  • 100% interest in Keith

Serica has paid an initial consideration and entered a profit-sharing deal with BP, Total E&P and BHP contingent on future production revenue from Bruce, Keith and Rhum.  The Marubeni transaction differs in that Serica has acquired the decommissioning obligations of Marubeni in return for negative consideration (i.e. a consideration payable by Marubeni to Serica) and no deferred or contingent consideration.

As a result of these transactions, Serica has become a leading UK mid-tier E&P Company with significant plans for growth and development.

The deal came into effect 1 January 2018 and completed at the end of November 2018.

“Our acquisitions of interests in the Bruce, Keith and Rhum assets from BP, Total E&P, BHP and Marubeni have been transformational for Serica and place us in a strong position to unlock increased value from the assets and benefit from economy of scale. This is exactly in line with the Government's intention to maximise the economic recovery of assets in the North Sea, and we believe that these acquisitions benefit our shareholders, partners and employees. This has led to us achieving our goal of becoming a highly efficient, profitable mid-tier operator focused on the UK North Sea, where we believe there is plenty of potential for further growth.”

Mitch Flegg
Chief Executive Officer

BP, Total E&P and BHP assume 100% of their obligations for the eventual decommissioning costs on the Bruce, Keith and, in the case of BP, Rhum portfolio, with Serica to contribute 30% in delayed consideration accrued from production revenues.